The Away From Home Festival 2023 Bus – The Third Edition of The Festival conceived and curated by Louis Tomlinson will take place in Italy and more precisely in Lido di Camaiore (LU), Tuscany. 19 August 2023 is the date to mark in your calendar. It’s going to be an unmissable event that will attract fans from all over Europe. So sharing the journey with other people on their way to the Festival will be even more special thanks to Eventi in Bus, a reliable and economical coach service. Departures are scheduled from all over Italy. Find out how to save money with the discount code offered by Team World.

The bus service for The Away From Home Festival 2023 is organised by Eventi in Bus – an industry leader and chosen by 90,000 fans in 2022. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster and Ticketone.

If you are wondering how you can reach Lido di Camaiore in cheapest way and how to arrive directly at the Bussoladomani Park and to return home immediatley after the live show (so you won’t need a hotel!), read on.

Find out all about the event: The Away From home Festival 2023.

The Away From Home Festival 2023 Bus

If you don’t live at Lido di Camaiore and/or in the surrounding area. And you haven’t yet decided how to get to the Bussoladomani Park, we invite you to consider going to the Festiavl with a dedicated CONCERTS BUS SERVICE reserved only for fans. You can book your bus seat directly by clicking on the link in grey box below.

19 August 2023 @ Lido Camaiore (LU)

When booking, remember to enter the Team World discount code on the Eventi in Bus website, which guarantees you the highest percentage discount. The code TEAM-W must always be written in CAPITAL letters. If you write ‘team-w’ it will not work and you will not be able to benefit from the discount.


Eventi in Bus buono sconto

Bus services is offered by Eventi in Bus, a partner of Team World since 2014.

Do you know about Eventi in bus?

If you’re not familiar with Eventi in Bus website, we would like to introduce you the BEST SERVICE IN ITALY in organising buses for events and concerts. Eventi in Bus is a partner of Team World as well as the main and the most important Tour promoter in Italy.

Team World has been collaborating with Eventi in Bus since 2014. In these years it has proved to be a reliable, serious and honest partner in defing the prices offered to fans. For us, at Team World, which was born as a reality linked directly to the fans, YOUR satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE #1 evaluation parameter

If you think that choosing to travel to the concert by bus is the best option for you, find out why Eventi in Bus could be the service you should trust.

How much does it cost to travel by bus?

Before booking your bus seat, you can check the service prices to see if it’s indeed a money-saving option.

The price varies according:

  • The departure city
  • The route (do you need the bus for both outward and return journeys? Or only one way? Or just for the return?)
  • The number of occupied seat on the bus

To find out how much it costs to get to a concert with Eventi in Bus, you can “simulate” a booking by following the instructions below. Just remeber to enter TEAM-W code in the section reserved for discount vouchers.

The Away From Home Festival 2023: how to book

Here is a summary of the simple staps to take:

  1. Click here or type “Eventi in Bus” into Google
  2. Visit the bus page for The Away From Home Festival 2023
  4. Choose your departure city from the drop-down menu
  5. Select when you want to use the bus service (one way, return only or round trip)
    1. IF THE BUS IS CONFIRMED you can also LOCK your seat for only 10€
  7. Fill in all fields and make sure to enter TEAM-W under DISCOUNT VOUCHER. Our code will give you the highest DISCOUNT percentage.
  8. To complete your booking, remember to fill in all required fields

*Buses are confirmed once 20 persons are reached. If you find the PURCHASE button, it means that you can complete your purchase because the bus is confirmed. If you find BOOK button, you will be contacted by Eventi in Bus to complete the purchase when the minimun number of partecipants (20 people) will be reached.

Eventi in bus discount code

If you decided to travel with Eventi in Bus to get to your favourite concert or convention, fair of interest, know that you can book using the discount code offered by Team World and valid for all events on

When booking, in the field “DISCOUNT VOUCHER” copy and paste this code: TEAM-W
You can also write it yourself, the important thing is to use CAPITAL letters otherwise no discount will be applied. Then click on ACTIVATE VOUCHER and you will see the total cost of your trip updated.

Routes covered by Eventi in Bus

Here are the cities from which you can book your bus seat:


  • Giulianova ore 07:30
  • Lanciano ore 06:30
  • Pescara Nord (Città Sant’Angelo) ore 07:00
  • Vasto ore 06:00


  • Caserta Nord ore 06:35
  • Napoli (Stazione) ore 06:15
  • Pompei Est ore 05:30
  • Salerno (Stazione) ore 05:00


  • Bologna (Stazione) ore 12:15
  • Carpi ore 10:30
  • Cesena ore 10:35
  • Faenza ore 11:10
  • Ferrara Nord ore 11:15
  • Fiorenzuola ore 11:40
  • Forlì ore 10:50
  • Imola ore 11:30
  • Modena (Campogalliano) ore 11:00
  • Parma Ovest ore 11:50
  • Piacenza Sud ore 11:20
  • Reggio Emilia ore 11:20
  • Riccione ore 10:00
  • Rimini ore 10:15


  • Udine (Palmanova) ore 09:00
  • Udine – Fermata Stadio ore 08:30


  • Cassino ore 07:30
  • Frosinone ore 08:00
  • Orte ore 10:00
  • Roma Cinecittà ore 09:00


  • Albenga ore 10:00
  • Chiavari ore 12:00
  • Genova Est ore 11:20
  • La Spezia ore 13:20
  • Sarzana ore 13:45
  • Savona ore 10:30


  • Agrate ore 10:15
  • Bergamo ore 10:00
  • Brescia (Brescia Centro) ore 11:20
  • Como ore 09:45
  • Cremona ore 11:50
  • Mantova Sud (Bagnolo San Vito) ore 10:00
  • Milano (Lambrate) ore 10:40
  • Saronno ore 10:15


  • Ancona Sud ore 09:00
  • Civitanova Marche ore 08:30
  • Pesaro ore 09:45
  • San Benedetto del Tronto ore 08:00


  • Termoli ore 05:30


  • Alessandria Ovest ore 10:00
  • Asti ore 09:45
  • Moncalieri ore 09:20
  • Torino (Porta Nuova) ore 09:00


  • Andria ore 04:00
  • Bari (Stazione) ore 03:00
  • Brindisi (Ospedale) ore 01:00
  • Foggia (Candela) ore 04:45
  • Lecce ore 00:30
  • Taranto ore 02:00


  • Arezzo ore 12:30
  • Cecina ore 12:15
  • Firenze – Villa Costanza ore 14:15
  • Follonica ore 11:00
  • Livorno (Centro Commerciale) ore 13:00
  • Lucca ore 15:45
  • Massa ore 14:00
  • Montecatini-Terme ore 15:30
  • Piombino (Stazione Campiglia Marittima) ore 11:30
  • Pisa (Hotel Galilei) ore 13:30
  • Pistoia ore 15:10
  • Prato ore 14:45
  • Valdichiana (Fraz. Bettolle – Sinalunga) ore 12:00
  • Versilia ore 14:15


  • Rovereto ore 09:00
  • Trento ore 08:30


  • Perugia – Pian di Masiano ore 11:15


  • Mestre ore 09:45
  • Padova ore 10:15
  • Rovigo ore 10:45
  • Treviso (Silea) ore 09:15
  • Venezia (Portogruaro) ore 09:30
  • Verona Sud ore 09:30