I One Direction hanno pubblicato il 25 Novembre Midnight Memories il terzo studio album anticipato dai singoli “Best Song Ever” e “Story Of My Life“. Un sound più maturo per la band anglo-irlandese che ha puntato su melodie country e richiami al mondo folk senza veramente abbandonare i ritmi pop aprendosi così ad un pubblico più ampio.



Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall e Zayn sono stati anche i protagonisti della stesura dei testi di questo nuovo album, ecco una raccolta dei versi più hot contenuti in “Midnight Memories“:

  • Said I had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it” – Best Song Ever
  • “I said, ‘Can I take you home with me?”Best Song Ever
  • “Now I’m at the age when I know what I need” – Midnight Memories
  • I don’t wanna stop so give me more, oh, oh, oh” – Midnight Memories


  • It’s four a.m. and I know that you’re with him. I wonder if he knows that I touched your skin” – Happily


  • You say we’re better off together in our bed” – Something Great


  • I wanna see the way you move for me baby” – Little Black Dress


  • “If I could hold you, swear I’d never put you down” – Diana


  • “I know what you want. And I’ve been waiting so long” – Little White Lies


  • “Inside and out baby head to toe. He’s not around girl you let me know” – Does He Know?


  • “Let’s take a ride” – Why Don’t We Go There?


  • “You say you’re a good girl. But I know you would girl” – Little White Lies


  • Best I ever had. Hips don’t lie. You make me wanna…one more night” – Better Than Words


  • If you give in tonight, let me set you free. We’ll touch the other side, just give me the keys” – Why Don’t We Go There?


  • I know you want it. I know you feel it too. Let’s stop pretending that you don’t know what I don’t know just what we came to do” – Little White Lies


  • “Every time we touch, I’m all shook up. You make me wanna…how deep is your love” – Better Than Words


  • I said ‘Hey, it’s alright, does it make you feel alive? Don’t look back, live your life, even if it’s only for tonight” – Alive


  • “You’re hands touching me, they’re touching me. And your eyes keep saying things, they’re saying what we do when it’s only me and you” – Little White Lies


  • I don’t know why I wanna be with every girl I meet” – Alive


  • Does he know you’re out and I want you so bad?” – Does He Know?

Secondo voi qual è il verso più hot del nuovo album?