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Zayn Malik ha due doppelgänger: scopri i sosia dell’artista


Prendi Zayn Malik: aggiungigli molti più muscoli (frutto di un intenso lavoro in palestra) e occhi color ghiaccio. Il risultato è Toni Mahfud disegnatore e modello di origini marocchine. La somiglianza con Zayn è veramente notevole, soprattutto all’epoca in cui Malik aveva i capelli lunghi.

Che dire… se non possiamo avere Zayn, Flamur e Toni ci sembrano delle ottime “consolazioni”…

My last post of 2016 is gonna be my favorite drawing so far. I can't wait to continue my "connecting souls" story in 2017! Haven't drawn for quite a bit now because of all my travels.. What is your favorite post of mine? Let me know!! See you on the 1st with my first post ?? – 'Sometimes its the hope that makes it the worse, hoping that they will come back, hoping each day they may come to their senses and filling yourself with hope each day because you miss the old times and hate looking at the thing they have become that is not them. However it is not all bad… death is final or isn't it? There is still a chance one day you will meet, far far away from here. Your souls are always connected.' – Really hope i could inspire you somehow. Please let me know what you guys think. Feel free to share this if you like. Thank you! #tonimahfud #drawing #artist #inspiration #mybest #bestof2016

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yesterday in Stuttgart, Germany. #gettingready

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